Everything is great until people make a competition out of it.

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Jesus Is…

More than prophet, more than a preacher, 
More than a man, more than a teacher,
He is Jesus, My master and healer,

More a rebel, more than a name,
More than an icon, more than claim,
He is Jesus and his love still remains,

More then an image, more than a theory,
More than rabbi, more than controversy,
He is Jesus, and he steadies me,

The Alpha and Omega, Unchanging and Creator,
Lord of all, Lover of my soul, 
Morning star, Holy and true, 
Wore a crown of thorns, instead a crown of jewels.

Sent to earth as God’s only Son,
He defeated the grave, He is the Living One, 
Shame remover, the wisdom of the wise,
Nailed to a cross, He was hated and despised.

Great High Priest, Hope of salvation,
Joy to those in sadness and desperation,
King of Kings, The Righteous One,
He is Jesus, Who was and is to come…

Classy Living: Jonathan Edwards on Manifestations of the Spirit


“It is a stumbling to some, that religious affections should seem to be so powerful, or that they should be so violent (as they express it) in some persons. They are therefore ready to doubt whether it can be the Spirit of God; or whether this vehemence be not rather a sign of the operation…

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Paper thin.: Osama.


I know he did a lot of terrible things and indeed the world may be safer without him in it, but I just cannot bring myself to feel anything other than sorrow today.

We fight him whilst speaking of the inherent dignity of human beings. He has ignored this by killing so many people. But this does…

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Hallelujah, You have won the Victory. Hallelujah, You have won it all for me. Death could not hold You down; You are the Risen King!

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If you’re an pain or in need of change. If you keep falling and giving into those temptations that consume your life. Please, know that there is hope, there is love in the arms of Jesus Christ. Most often people have a notion that Christianity is organised religion. IT’S NOT. It’s a lifestyle of faith and purity and unconditional love.

I love how I get tingles after I hear someone’s testimony and how God radically changed their lives. It’s amazing how one prayer, one cry of desperation can change your life.

Often, I understate Your power and strength until I see it in action. There is nothing like an encounter with the Holy Spirit :)